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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hymn: This Age is Filled with Hurt and Woe

This Age is Filled with Hurt and Woe
A hymn by: Andrew M. Gilhooley
Set to the tune of ‘Azmon’ C.M.

This age is filled with hurt and woe;
The righteous are op-pressed;
The blood of faithful martyrs flow;
The heathen at us jest.

But in this world we seek not rest;
We look not for hope here;
We long for greater coming zest:
The ageless Sabbath near.

So come quickly Jesus our Rock!
And render Thy judgment!
Plant us upon Thy mountaintop!
To dwell within Thy tent!

Lyrics © 2013 by Andrew M. Gilhooley

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--Andrew M. Gilhooley is currently a sophomore at Reformation Bible College in Sanford, Florida. Among his hobbies are fishing, archery, playing piano, writing, and reading classic literature. Upon graduation, Andrew plans to attend graduate school and possibly enter into bible translation ministry.  

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