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Monday, September 26, 2011

"In His Hands" A Poem By Daniel Avery Nigro

My friend wrote a poem before coming to Reformation Bible College. I believe it very well voices some of the same concerns, fears, and anxieties that we all have.

The poem is well done, and the theology is very sound. I found the portion where we need to remember that God is in control, knows all about me, and can see completely quite helpful. We aren't in control- God is. He tells us what to do. He made us, and bought us with His blood. He owns us doubly. We don't call the shots, we can only make requests and petitions, but in the end, we must say, not my will, but your will be done Lord.

Further, God knows all about us. Meaning, He knows what we need better than we do ourselves! We don't know what is best for us. So prayer and trust in God, casting our cares and anxieties on Him, is in part an admission of this. That is something I struggle with greatly.

Finally, God can see completely. This was the lynchpin for me. It is really an excellent insight. This touches on the fact that, what God is sovereignly orchestrating in my life, though it all works together for good, does not necessarily seem to me, in my incomplete, finite understanding, to be good, to be what is best. This is where our trust in God, and remembering that He sees completely, comes in most handy. There are situations in my life that are weighing me down right now, because they aren't going the way I want, and what I want, I think, is what God would want me to pursue. Yet I still do not have. The million dollar question is why? I can't know why, because I only see in part, I only know in part. But God sees the full picture, and knows fully. This is where I must concede that God is Lord, and I am not. My brain cannot figure it all out. God has intentionally left some things out of our grasp, to remind us that we are totally dependent on Him even for the little things we comprehend now.

That is what this poem helped me see with greater clarity. Thanks Dan!

(C) Daniel Avery Nigro

In His Hands

I shatter in pieces at every turn
Drenched in sin so much I could burn

My internal strength, is not strong enough
My purest will, is not pure enough

So evil am I, that I feel forsaken
So cruel am I, that I feel bound to Satan

So weak am I, that I greedily lust
So vulgar am I, that I quickly lose trust

I deserve to be put up for slaughter,
To descend into the deathly horror

My body is tormented and bound to bust
Soon crushed into nothing but dust

I am a sinful man, with nothing good to offer
So vile that I can’t help but falter

But even though this fear casts me low,
It soothes my heart to know,

That I am in His Hands

He has bought and paid for my price,
He won’t leave me to become Satan’s device

By His grace I am born again
He has filled me like a fountain

Because I am unable to choose Him
For He must change me from within

He keeps me in His hand
And is ready to make a stand

By His grace He frees me
By His will He guides me


I need to stop worrying about what I can’t control
I need to stop fretting over what I don’t know
I need to stop stressing on what I don’t see

I just need to remember, that He is in control!
I just need to remember, that He knows all about me
I just need to remember, that He can see completely

I am in His hands! And He will always be with me!
I am in His Hands! And He will always care for me!
I am In His Hands! And He will always protect me!

I just need to remember that I'm in His Hands,
and He will never forsake me, no not ever.