The Tulip Driven Life Podcast

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why I'm Voting for Romney

There is one issue that most Christians decide their vote on: Abortion. I suppose I am one of those types of people too, I mean, voting for someone who is okay with murder isn't very ideal for anyone, is it?

No, it's not. And welcome to reality. We live in a non-ideal world, marred with sin and wickedness. In our two-party system, we have two candidates, one who supports abortion openly and freely, and the other who is mostly against it. You can vote for one of them, not vote, or vote third party, but as it stands it will be either Romney or Obama who will be elected President for the next four years. 

You don't like the two party system? Fine, I don't either. So don't like it, but for heaven's sake, at least cast a vote that could deter evil. What am I saying? I am saying that less abortion is better than abortion on demand, that less taxes are better than more taxes, that a bit smaller government is better than a bit larger government. 

You don't think so? Let me give you a scenario. Let's say the election was tied between Obama and Romney, and the rule to break the tie was to pick one American citizen at random who hasn't voted, and have them cast the deciding vote. You are that lucky citizen. Now if you pass the vote off, it goes to either another citizen, or it goes to government. 

The point is, your vote is the vote that could decide who is elected. In this scenario, you do have the ability to limit evil, hypothetically, given the stances that each candidate has chosen on abortion. Romney would seek to bridge the gap, Obama would at best keep it where it is, if not widen it. If you really are a one issue Christian when it comes to the election, and that issue is abortion, then how, in this scenario, could you pass the vote to another or the government, when if you simply voted for Romney, you would guarantee that he would be in office and, if he sticks by his word, would be open to overturning Roe v. Wade. 

Look, I don't like Romney a whole lot either. But I want to pull the break on the socialist train this nation is riding. Romney would do that. It wouldn't come to a halt, but it would at least slow things down. Oh, and between the two candidates, there are differences. 

Obama wants to spend more money on education. Romney wants to spend less. Obama doesn't want to minimize the department of education. Romney does. Obama wants to create jobs and get out of the recession by spending billions of more dollars. Romney wants to create jobs by pulling back government interference. Romney wants to lower taxes, more than Obama. 

A vote for Romney is NOT saying you support everything the man stands for. If that is your way of thinking, how could you ever vote for anyone? The odds of finding a candidate who fit your views on every issue is minuscule. So it doesn't fit to say that voting for Romney means you fully agree with his views on abortion. It MAY, however, indicate that you agree much more with Romney's views on abortion than say Obama's. 

If one child's life was saved by voting for Romney and not Obama, not third party, or not at all, would that not make it worth it? What if it were thousands, or even millions? That is the biggest reason why I will vote for Romney. Not because I love his policies, but because I support less government and am opposed to murdering babies. And between Obama and Romney, Romney is a bit closer to me than Obama. So, given where our nation is at right now, given the two candidates, I like Romney, and I do not like Obama. 

In closing, I would like to say that, even if you wish there wasn't a two party system and would like to see that change, I don't think not voting or voting third party is the way to do it. If there is a third party candidate that you actually like and absolutely wish to show support for him in the hopes of seeing his numbers swell for next election, or simply in the hopes that his ideals will be remembered down the road, then go ahead. All I ask is you weigh that desire with the immediate situation that we are in, one in which, with no doubt, either Obama or Romney will be elected in. To not vote makes the least sense to me. If it's a protest, it accomplishes little, or nothing, because even if only one percent of the population votes, from my understanding, a President will still be elected. And you can protest the system and still vote, it's not a contradiction- again, a vote for anyone does not indicate that you support the two party system, or that particular person on every issue or to the same degree with individual issues.