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Thursday, February 9, 2012

"The Retribution of the Antinomian," a poem by Thomas Booher

The world spinned 'round

But patience, it stopped ticking

As men kept living

And no one was listening

Love, laughs, and fun

From beginning to ending

No work in the sun

Night waking, day sleeping.

The doorknob turned

Yet it was not unusual

For late in the night

Came some for carousal

The creatures' blades

Oh how they shined like the sun!

The bleary-eyed folk

Knew they would be undone

"But for what 'venge?"

Did all but two of them say,

"We've done nothing wrong

Why pass you by our way?"

One creature spoke, 

"Because it's fitting, you see,

For us to take you

We were sent by decree."

"Aye, a demon!"

Cried one with a dark bottle

"No, you simple fool!

 His wrath's here to throttle!"

Yes, the two spoke

For the two alone knew, what

Creatures stood firmly,

What God's wrath could so do. 

They thrashed them all,

Yes the two, too. And the blood-

It spilt and stained red, 

The walls, angels, and mud.

Corpses were drug

To the middle of Times Square

Where the whole world saw

God's wrath on display there.

The signs all changed,

And then the angels all sang,

"Glory to our God,

For the sting of His fang.

A stranger passed,

In awe of such great display

He opened His mouth, 

He had something to say

"How can this be?

Did these not 'fess and proclaim

Love for your Maker,

Love for His holy name?"

"Nay, it's not so,"

Spoke one of the great angels,

"This blood here was spilt,

So none do dare dangle,

With the devil,

And the foul ilk of his part.

For do you not know

That the acts prove the heart?

Let it be said,

What has happened this dark day,

Was perfect justice,

'Hard works' poetic pay

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  1. Profound and forthright. You need to get some poetry into your novel.