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Friday, November 16, 2012

Tulip Driven Life 2.0

Hello everyone,

I've get some big, exciting announcements for the Tulip Driven Life.

Over the last couple years that I've been posting to the TDL, there has grown a stream of supporters who have frequented the blog. It's not a large number, but it is a steady number. I have come to realize that, if this blog is ever going to have a higher ceiling, there will have to be quality, daily postings that are not overly lengthy. This is something I simply do not have time to do on my own.

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that The Tulip Driven Life will now be welcoming several other bloggers who believe that the teachings of the TULIP should guide and shape our lives. So far, 4 have agreed to come on board, with two more pending.

The four that have joined are:

Sean Rice
Nathan Fox
Christopher Denman
Thomas Clayton Booher (my Father).

I hope to have a brief bio and perhaps a picture of each of them up in the next few days. They will each post once a week, and I too will post once a week. However, my posts will be different from the others because.....


That's right, I know you've all been screaming for this. The book will be based off the blog, and will be an e-book, which will probably be $0.99 on Amazon. Tomorrow I will post the introduction to the book, which will explain what it is all about and give a brief summary of the contents of each chapter. Then, once a week, I will post a portion of the first several chapters of the book. So, that will be my postings for the next couple months, at least.

The others will write on anything and everything they want, and I look forward to seeing what they have to say. I hope you will stop by and read their musings as well.

For now, enjoy the new layout for the blog and the new background logo which is pictured below. It's still a work in progress, but I think it looks fresh and is a nice change for this new stage of the Tulip Driven Life. I think the new default layout will make it easier to peruse all the different postings on the blog, which will be especially important now that there will be daily postings.

For His Glory,
Thomas F. Booher

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